This is the official website of T.A. de Jesus. This is a catalog of Web Sites created by him throughout the years. Designs were done in a very simplistic fashion. As with the Eye we behold the beauty of a thing, and with the mind (I.Q.) we try to interpret it, so thus EyeQ Factor try to give a natural interpretation to Web Design by keeping both its presentation and functionality simple.

Latest News

eyeqfactor-v4 EyeQ Factor v4

24 September 2014

It’s been a long overdue to have this site updated to HTML 5 since it’s last release on 2012. It’s only now that I manage to dedicate time to do this after being freed up from some of my duties and responsibilities.


As can be obviously observed, the theme has been enhanced to display top and bottom menu for ease in navigation.


Recent Work

fabba-v1 FABBA

24 September 2014

This is a school website that features both collapsible and drop down menus. It also has a rotator that display the highlights of the school. A pull-down announcement window is available on the front-page for any last minute announcements that need to be shared to the public especially for FABBA students, faculties, and staffs alike.


Featured Link

Full page photo ChairishTheMoment

24 September 2014

ChairishTheMoment.com is a party rental service website. It features a simple yet elegant layout that is easy to navigate and categorized. It offers a single-level pull-down menu for site navigation and a lightbox for image zooming. The Gallery section is a simple slider that pans the image automatically at a certain time interval by default. Manual mode is also available in viewing each item in the showcase by clicking on the left or right arrows being displayed on the image and frame itself. For selective viewing, individual image icon at the bottom of the frame can be clicked directly to give the selection the focus. The contact form has captcha image fields to minimize spams.